Hays Regional Airport could soon begin offering flights to Chicago

HAYS, Kan. People living closer to Hays than Wichita may soon be able to get to the Windy City on a flight from the Hays Regional Airport.

Skywest Airlines could make it happen after it proposed a third flight from the airport, eastbound.

Currently, the Hays Regional Airport offers two flights, both to Denver. If the Department of Transportation approves Skywest Airlines' proposal, the airport would offer the third flight from Hays to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Melissa Dixon, Executive Director of the Hays Convention and Visitors Bureau says the third flight could help both the economy and the city's airport.

"We're always trying to get more passengers on our flight," Dixon says. "If we hit that magic number of 10,000 flights per year at Hays Regional Airport, we get a good bit more of additional funding."

City surveys say Chicago is one of the top desired travel destinations from Hays Regional Airport. The flight from Hays to O'Hare Airport would include one stop in Salina.