Headrick sextuplets graduate from Norwich High School

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 4:07 PM CDT
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A unique Kansas family celebrates a milestone for six children who made national news when they were born in 2002. The Headrick sextuplets are 18-years-old now and ready to move on with lives after high school.

The six pack didn't get to take part in the special ceremony with classmates at Norwich High School, but they did earn their diplomas, following their older sister, Aubriana.

Sondra and Elden Headrick wanted to expand their family. They visited a fertility doctor who later confirmed that Sondra was pregnant with six babies, "babies" who are now high school graduates.

The sextuplets, Ethan, Grant, Sean, Danielle, Melissa and Jaycie all have different opinions about finishing their high school careers without getting a formal graduation ceremony.

"I remember the first day I found out (graduation and most spring activities at school were canceled) I cried. I was pretty surprised," Jaycie says. "Like, everything, I was hoping senior year would be, was gone."

For Ethan, the decision didn't mean so much.

"It hasn't affected me too much," he says. "I don't really go out."

Sean says he was fine with school effectively ending early, but was disappointed with the cancellation of events including prom and graduation.

"I was happy that school was canceled, and then I realized everything I wouldn't be able to do," he says.

Grant says a lot of the family was disappointed they weren't able to see him and his five brothers and sisters graduate.

The Headrick sextuplets say they aren't going to dwell on the situation they can't control.

"Eventually, we will get over this and the schools will be back," Danielle says.

Jaycie says someday, they will look back and laugh.

"I know right now, it is obviously not a laughing matter, but it'll be a story to tell in the future," she says.

Each of the six will be moving on and doing different things.

"It'll be different since we're all from a small town. We'll be branching out probably into larger cities and stuff, so I think we'll all explore who we are" Melissa says.

Jaycie says the siblings will stay in touch, still talking every day.

"It's not really going to change, but we'll be able to find ourselves a little bit better, I think," she says.

Sondra and Elden say they're sad to see their "babies" become adults and start their own lives, but they're also proud of the crew that expanded the family from three to nine.

"They worked really hard to get where they are. I couldn't be any more proud of them than I am," Elden says.

Sondra says each of the six "has tremendous potential."

"And you know, we're just so incredibly proud of them and just looking forward to celebrating their special moments with them, and continue it on throughout their lives," she says.

The family says Norwich is trying to plan a way for seniors to get their diplomas in a special way. The school hopes that can happen in July.