New details released on false active shooter call at Maize school

MAIZE, Kan. (KWCH) Update:

The Maize Police Department addressed the public's concerns in regards to the active shooter call at Maize South High School.

Police say a parent who called 911 with information thought the school threat was true.

They say the information was coming from students and indicated a possible shooter. That information started from rumors according to police.

"We have determined that this information originated from rumors being circulated within the student body and although perceived to be real, was not correct information. This was in no way a hoax or swatting type incident."

Police say the officer who was stationed at the school quickly assessed what was happening and notified responding officers before they had to enter the school.

No weapons were found on the campus.


Several police officers responded to an active shooter report at Maize South High School Thursday morning. They soon learned it was false.

Maize Police Chief Matt Jensby says once the report was made, a school resource officer made sure everybody was safe and immediately determined no one was in danger.

Jensby says most of the students didn't know what was happening until they saw police at the school.

He says per the school's safety plan, some students were escorted to the auditorium.

Jensby says police are investigating where the threat came from and how Sedgwick County dispatch got ahold of the active shooter information.

A dispatch supervisor tells Eyewitness News the threat was made via text message but did not elaborate how the message made its way to the dispatch center.

Maize police will send the case to the Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office for prosecution once detectives determine who is behind the false report.

Jensby says agencies cross-train for these types of incidents, and Thursday's response was "flawless".

"All your past training goes through your head. You know, what do I need to do when I get to the scene? Who's going to be there? There were multiple agencies that responded," said Jensby. "When everybody arrived, teams formed up. They got ready to go into the school, as with any active shooter situation. Of course, we didn't need to do that because it was determined by the officer in the school that there was no threat to the school."

Maize Public Schools posted about the incident on Facebook.

"Despite rumors, there is no threat or active shooter at Maize South High School. All students are safe. Law enforcement officials are on the scene and investigating a report. Staff members are working to communicate further details. At this time, we believe this is misinformation or a false report."

Jensby says the high school was never on lockdown, but police prevented people from coming in once they arrived on the scene.