Heavy rainfall, warm weather causes mold concerns for homeowners

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) After months of heavy rainfall, heat and humidity are sticking around- creating mold concerns for some homeowners.

Axel Chacon, who owns Ally Construction, says rain followed by heat creates conditions for mold.

"With basically two months of constant rain, you're going to end up developing mold. That's a big possibility," Chacon said.

Chacon says homeowners who have a crawl space should check it immediately because the insulation holds water and grows mold. If you have duct work running through your crawl space, it can also grow mold and circulate bad air through that can make your family sick.

He says if you think your home has mold, you can take care of it yourself but he says the safest thing is to call a mold remediation company.

"I would say still call a professional," Chacon said. "I mean you might be able to find some home testing kits at your local hardware store, but I would say always call a professional."

Homeowners should also walk around their home to check the conditions of their gutters. Look around the downspouts and make sure the ground is sloping down, running water away from the house.

Chacon says heavy rain, wind, and hail knock leaves and sticks off trees and into your gutters. He says he's already cleaned out his gutters a few times this summer.

"All the stuff that would naturally fall by itself, that rain just made it super heavy," Chacon said. "It all falls on to the roof into the gutters and then it almost creates like a paste."

He says right now is a good time to add dirt near your home to make it a little higher than the rest of your yard.