Hesston police chief receives Medal of Valor

HESSTON, Kan. (KWCH) Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder Tuesday was honored by President Donald Trump with the Medal of Valor for his life saving actions during the workplace shooting at Excel Industries in 2016

"The Medal of Valor is the highest national award for public safety officers and is awarded for exceptional acts of heroism, extending above and beyond the call of duty," Hesston City Administrator Gary Emry says. "This award signifies Chief Schroeder's exemplary action during a time of crisis which saved many lives and is well-deserved."

Tuesday, President Trump credited Schroeder's bravery for charging in to Excel Industries without backup.

"He closed in on the shooter, dodging bullets and firing back until he stopped the killer cold," Trump said. "Chief Schroeder, you saved a lot of lives. Thank God you were there."

The 12 recipients of the award were recommended by the Medal of Valor Review board and approved by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"Through your service and sacrifice, we are reminded that America's greatest treasure is her people," Trump says. "In your courage, we see America's strength and in your character, we see America's soul. And today, one proud nation says to all of you, 'thank you, God bless you and God forever bless these great heroes."