KANSAS PROUD: High school students remember Florida victims with song

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KWCH) Some high school singers in Kansas took time to remember those killed in Florida.

After hearing about the tragedy at Douglas High School, Buhler High School students were left with a heavy heart. Some students say they couldn't even focus on schoolwork.

Buhler High School sophomore Adaylia Powers says she came together with her fellow choir members to extend a message of love, thoughts, and prayers.

That message would be in the form of a song.

In a post on Facebook, Powers wrote:

To the students, friends, and families of the victims at Douglas High School, we extend our love, thoughts, and prayers to all those affected.

Being from a small town in Kansas, we can’t do much. However, even though we are miles apart, we stand together as one, as students, and as humans.

To express our heartache in the best way we know how, we came together to sing “This I Pray”. Douglas High School, we love you. <3

-Adaylia Powers, Sophomore, Buhler High School.