High winds force Reno County to delay spraying for mosquitoes

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KWCH) High winds hampered Reno County's aerial spraying efforts to take care of the mosquito population Thursday night.

The Bay County Health Department has reinforced the previous mosquito-borne illness advisory. (Pixnio)

Dan Markowski, with Vector Disease Control International, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment contacted his company for he job.

The state health department says Reno County is one area in the state that has seen an increase in the pests because of the recent floods.

"There was a lot of flooding this spring and that brings a lot of mosquitoes, and that brings some concern with trying to get them under control," said Markowski.

His company was prepared to put up a twin-engine plane filled with product to kill off the pests Thursday night, but after a test flight proved the conditions to be too windy, they decided to push back the project.

Now scheduled for Friday night, a pilot and co-pilot with the company will fly 300 feet above the ground spraying a product commonly used for mosquito control.

From 9 p.m to 2 a.m., the team will spray about two tablespoons of the product per acre to cover 50,000 acres in the county.

KDHE says the product is not a health risk for people or animals.