High winds lead to damaged cars in Clearwater

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Westar says high winds are likely to blame for an electric pole falling down in clearwater Tuesday morning. The pole damaged three cars in a nursing home parking lot - and one employee says she narrowly missed disaster.

"My coworker Sam and I were headed out to do our break, but another coworker stopped her to get some help with a resident, and I waited for her to get done." says Nicole Andrewson.

It was that interaction with her coworker that she credits with saving her from potential catastrophe. After she went back inside the nursing home the lights went out, and they realized a power pole had fallen on her truck.

"We were about to be in my truck, sitting in it." she said.

In all, three cars were hit by the pole - two of those were not drive-able after.

"I'm pretty sure when it hit my van that it must've done some electrical damage because nothing in my vehicle works." said Brittany Gibbs.

Now, the two ladies are left with another headache.

"My truck is totaled and I only have liability insurance on it, so my insurance isn't covering it so now I'm out of a vehicle." said Nicole.

They said they contacted Westar, but were told it was an "Act of God", so liability would fall somewhere else.

"With the way Kansas winds, and weather is you should be prepared for that type of thing." said Brittany.

The ladies argue that issues with that particular electric pole had been reported in the past, but they say Westar failed to replace it.

"I had been told before that they had had issues with it, and that it had been struck by lightning and that maintenance has called on it a few times - and for them not to come out and do their job I just think that's a little sad." said Brittany.

We contacted Westar, who said they're looking into whether any reports had been made in the past, and they'll work with the people whose cars were damaged.

They say they're looking into what exactly caused the pole to blow over, saying they're designed to withstand high winds, but Tuesday's winds were very extreme.