Homeless man found dead inside Garden City post office

Published: Mar. 31, 2017 at 6:22 PM CDT
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The post office in Garden City was closed for several hours Thursday morning while police investigated the body of a man found in the lobby.

Police said the man's death was not suspicious and said he was homeless.

Now, his death is shedding light to some of the problems many people living on the streets face.

The lobby at the Garden City post office is the only area that stays open overnight for people to pick up or drop off their mail.

Garden City police said they believe the man who died had likely taken shelter there from the cold.

Robin Marsh is director of the Emmaus House homeless shelter and food pantry in Garden City and said many of those without homes often want to be on their own, "They're more of the gypsy type of soul."

The 46-year-old man who died Thursday was a familiar face at the shelter, Marsh said she learned of his death Friday, "Oh, heartbroken. A good young man, he did genuinely care about people and again, another one that kind of walked the earth."

Marsh said sudden deaths like his aren't uncommon, many who live on the streets often have untreated health problems and they rarely seek medical help, "One of he first thing they think of is if this is going to cost money, so I can't go anywhere and there's nowhere here in Garden City or very many places where you can go for free and have them do a checkup on you."

Marsh said without some type of medical help, deaths like his will likely keep happening, "I don't think we actually accept it, I think we just turn our head and say, oh yeah it goes on, and we just ignore it."