Homeowners concerned over increase in bagworms

Published: Jul. 11, 2018 at 5:41 AM CDT
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It's a problem that could leave your trees dead. This year, homeowners may be seeing more bagworms. They're threatening trees around the area.

"We hadn't had bagworms in over 25 years then all of a sudden - boom - they're here," said homeowner Don Norton. "And they are in full force."

Norton's problem is one faced by many across the city.

Bagworms have been more prevalent this summer, and homeowners are starting to wonder how they can protect their trees.

The worms hatch in the early months of spring, and can kill a tree in a matter of weeks if they're left untreated.

"Normally we would want to spray earlier than this but they are still active," said Mark Matney of TreeTop Nursery. So you still can get some benefit of doing a spray now but the middle of through the first of July is the best time to get them."

Matney says the best way to beat the infestation is to spray with any type of Spinosad insecticide. That type will not harm your trees.

The bug must be completely covered in order to keep them contained.

"It's a problem because of the mass, and how much there are but they are very easy to kill," said Matney. "It is one of the easiest insects to control, it's just when you see it, you have to get it on there."

As for North, he says he's sprayed his trees. He's certain they will bounce back next Spring.

He says he couldn't imagine his yard without them.

Bagworms are found mostly on conifers, but Matney says you should check all of your trees just to be safe.

K-State has more information on bagworms here: