Homeowners disturbed by racial slur written on street in Wichita neighborhood

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 4:24 PM CST
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Homeowners in a north Riverside neighborhood in Wichita woke up Sunday morning to see a racial slur written in what appeared to be chalk in the middle of their street.

The word is scrubbed away, but neighbors are bothered by what happened. They don't know who wrote the slur, but footage from a security camera shows the suspect in the act.

The footage isn't sharp enough to clearly identify the culprit, but it does snow someone pull up on a bicycle, stop, write the word and then hop back on the bike and ride on down the street.

"Stop and think what you're doing. Even if you're going through something rough, why hurt someone else? Why not do the opposite and try to bless someone else? neighbor Janet Klag says.

NAACP Wichita Branch President Larry Burks says regardless of who left the word and why they did it, the incident is disturbing.

"We're kind of perplexed as to why it continues to happen, but we know for whatever reason, people harbor those sentiments of and and indifference and our role is going to constantly be to make sure that we are here to make a difference and try to change the narrative," Burks says.

Sara Thomas who discovered the word on the street outside her home says she's not sure if the slur was written as a prank, but whatever the reason, incidents like this need to stop.

"That's a very hateful word," she says. "This is Christmas season. People should not be judged by the color of their skin."

Thomas scrubbed the word away and in doing so, says she felt as if was was erasing the hate.