Hope not lost for future of Towne West Square mall property

WICHITA, Kan. While the future of Towne West Square mall is uncertain, a Wichita city council member tells us the building should at least stay standing.

One local business that set up shop on the property near Kellogg and West Street is hopeful Towne West can continue operating as a mall.

Bosley Tires opened its Towne West location in January and seven months later, it's doing well.

"Now since we've branched out west, we've got about 60 to 80 percent in new customers, just the Bosley brand," says Bosley Tires Marketing and Sales Manager Joshua Blick.

Blick admits however, shopping malls in general, aren't as popular as they were used to be.

"That was the way in the 80s and 90s and 2000s, but now it's a different trend," Blick says.

Wichita City Council member Jeff Blubaugh agrees.

"When you look all over the united states, people generally don't go to a mall anymore. so you're starting to see those malls be re-purposed into doctors office, dentist office, call centers, like we've seen here. So you gotta change with the times. The model's changed from 40 years ago," he says.

Blubaugh doubts the building will be bulldozed.

"I don't think you're going to see that land be barren and nothing goes in there," he says.

Blubaugh says he looks forward to see how investors may repurpose the area.

"I don't believe for a second they're just going to walk away from their investment there," he says.