Kansas, nation experiencing widespread flu

ELLSWORTH, Kan. (KWCH) Influenza has reached the highest point we've seen this season, and most states, including Kansas, are experiencing widespread activity.

Data shows the season peaked about this same time last year.

One doctor says the weather is one of the reasons activity is starting to increase.

"These dramatic swings of severe cold have really increased the rates and the CDC shows that across the nation," said Dr. Matthew French with Providence Medical Center in Kansas City.

Ellsworth County Medical Center says it's limiting access to patients as flu numbers rise.

The hospital said there has been an increase of influenza activity and other viral illnesses in Ellsworth County, especially among children and teens.

"To help keep our patient’s safe and to decrease the spread of illness, ECMC is under visitor restriction. Visits are limited to immediate family and no children 18 years or younger may visit without permission."

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is also educating the public about new state regulations regarding the flu.

People diagnosed with influenza are required to remain at home from work or school for 7 days after onset of symptoms.

Your Provider can give a note for school or work that states how long you must remain at home.