Housing needed in El Dorado for influx in contract workers

Published: Sep. 26, 2019 at 9:07 PM CDT
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An urgent call for available housing in a kansas town, as thousands of contract workers are expected to make their way to El Dorado over the next month.

Workers will be doing scheduled maintenance and upgrades to production units at the HollyFrontier refinery.

A town of almost 13,000 is about to get a little bigger for a short time. Businesses like Willie's Sports Bar & Grill are preparing for it.

"We have to order more wings, we have to order more beer, just everything, you know, another case or two a week," said manager Tim Hamlin.

The reason is a planned turnaround happening at the HollyFrontier refinery, which involves bringing part of the refinery operations to a stop.

Hotels and motels are booked out for weeks, some workers have to look for a place to stay outside of town.

"That means we are going to be super busy all the time," said Rachel Riner, who works at the Red Coach Inn.

Rooms there are already almost full.

Stacy Earnest is one of thousands who are working at the refinery.

"We got here early and got rooms, but I hear it's getting pretty full," said Earnest.

Which is good for hotels and places like Willie's.

"We are blessed to have the refinery here and to have all the out of town contractors coming in and giving us that economic boost we've been waiting for," said Hamlin.