How Wichita State is keeping students safe

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) As college students gear up for the fall semester, Eyewitness News is taking a look at how Wichita State is keeping students safe.

About 1400 students are moving into residence halls at Wichita State Thursday. Each dorm comes equipped with several safety features already. The dorms are locked from the outside as well as each individual dorm unit. Locks aren't the only safety feature Wichita State is using to keep students safe.

The university has residence assistants monitoring the hallways each night. After move-in, they will hold meetings with students to make sure they safe all year.

"Just talk to them again about those common sense things. Now that they're out on their own now, they're not living on their own. If you're going out at night take a friend, make sure people know where you are, be smart about locking your room. We just try to make sure they know and are comfortable in their new setting," said Katie Austin, Assistant Director for Outreach and Events.

The dorm also arranges events like "Target after dark" where it shuttles students to Target so they can go shopping.

Wichita State has 360 cameras that are monitored around the clock. In addition, they have emergency phone polls. If someone presses the button, it automatically sends an officer to their location.

Campus police officers are also patrolling the streets and sidewalks. They're trained like any other police officer and attend additional training each summer. Police say they are here for everything, not just for big emergencies.

"Anytime a student has a concern, that's what we're here for- to make the call on something to say. If you see something and you have a concern, just raise it because that's why we're here," said Rodney Clark, Wichita State Police Chief.

Clark also wants to remind students there is a lot of construction on campus. Slow down on campus and look out for new traffic signs or speed limits.