How difficult is it for homeless to get jobs?

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) In November, a winter homeless shelter will open in Wichita. Right now, there aren't enough beds, but next month there will be room for everyone at local shelters.

That means homeless people will have the resources to look for a job instead of focusing on finding a place to sleep. People who work with the homeless said it's difficult for them to find a job, but having a place to sleep makes it easier.

Kenneth Harge has been homeless for three years. He said living on the street was scary.

"It's hard to get a whole night of rest because you always have to be on guard," said Harge.

Lack of sleep means it was also difficult for him to get a job. While on the street, Harge would do odd jobs just to survive.

He said he never begged for money, and he never gave up hope that he would get back on his feet.

Harge was able to find housing at an Inter-Faith Homeless Shelter. From there, he finally found a steady job as an RA. He said he went to many interviews during his time on the street, but no one would hire him.

"Not being what the interviewer was looking for... or not having the skills that they're looking for," said Harge.

Carolyn Kell with Inter-Faith Ministries said it's tough for the homeless to find a job if they're not in a shelter.

"The first step is being presentable for people to want to hire you," said Kell.

Some people don't take advantage of shelters as a way to help find work.

"They don't want to come to the shelter because they don't want to abide by rules," said Harge.

"If you have a mental illness, if you have an addiction, sometimes those things are more important to you than a lot of other things," said Kell.

Kell also believes some people actually like their lifestyle on the streets.

At the Inter-Faith shelter, Kell said a lot of people at the shelter will walk hours just to get to their jobs. She said a majority of the homeless also qualify for cell phones from the government. If they take advantage of that, it is easier to land jobs.