How much you'll pay to go out in Wichita this weekend

If you aren't going to be watching a game in the arena, there's a good chance you'll be at a place like Lou's- a local restaurant close to the arena with plenty of TV's, drinks and food.

"I think we are going to see close to 100,000 people coming through the streets of Wichita," said Big Lou, the Owner of Lou's.

He says it's going to be busy, but the prices might not be as expensive as you think.

Lou's is offering 32oz mix drinks for $12, 32oz beers for $9 and domestic pints for $5.

"We are going to stay within the $5 range because I think it's fair , I don't want to take advantage of people coming into town," said Lou.
Other vendors close to the arena also have $5 domestic pints.

If you can't find a free parking spot, you'll pay anywhere from $5-$20.