How-to guide for NCAA Tournament

We are less two weeks away from the first sessions of the NCAA Tournament in Wichita.

Lots of work has gone into preparing for the games, and the parties surrounding it.

Even if you don't have a ticket, you can still see the teams at Intrust Bank Arena, and get in on the fun.

There are at least 14 different fan events across Downtown and Old Town.

Rolling out the signs for the NCAA Tournament, it's a flurry of activity at Visit Wichita.

"The NCAA for us in Wichita has been years of preparation," said Cynthia Wentworth, Visit Wichita VP of Marketing.

It begins Wednesday, March 14th when you can watch open practice for free.

"If folks don't have tickets to NCAA, they can actually watch all eight teams, they get 45 minutes on the court at INTRUST Bank Arena,” said Wentworth.

Then the games Thursday, but even if you don't have a ticket you can have fun at Fan Fest, again for free.

"All of St. Francis will be closed down, food trucks, DJ, huge television screens, beer gardens, lots of opportunities to try your three-point shot.
There's parties literally happening on all corners of the arena during the days the tournament will be running, so I think even if you don't have a ticket to the game, it's going to be just a great environment," said Jason Gregory, Downtown Wichita Executive VP.

At Downtown Wichita they're also busy getting ready, and have been for years.

"We started on years ago, the city has made substantial investments, with walkability downtown, streetscape improvements in particular along Douglas Avenue," said Gregory.

On the Downtown Wichita website is a list of where to park each day of the tournament.

Visit Wichita launched the list of events on their website.

Saturday session is on St. Patrick’s day.

"We think it is going to be a great time in Delano for the parade, and all the other different activities that would normally be going on in Wichita for St. Patrick's Day," said Wentworth.

We don't know the time of the sessions on Thursday because we won't know tip-off times until Selection Sunday" on the 11th.

The preparations continue after that with the tournament returning in 2021.