How to keep your skin moisturized this winter

Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 5:35 AM CST
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Many people can suffer from dry skin in the winter and it can be painful.

Sharon Vermillon is the lead Esthetician at Healing Waters. She says moisturizing your skin starts on the inside.

"Big mistakes are just not not drinking enough fluids," Vermillon said.

She recommends washing your face. If you feel like washing your face dries it out, you may not be using the right cleanser.

"Make sure that you're using a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin and your skin type," Vermillon said.

She says take advantage of your time asleep. Using a heavier cream at night will help your dry skin.

Scented lotions can smell good, but may not be good for your skin. They're more likely to contain higher amounts of alcohol. Vermillon suggests looking at the ingredients before using it.

"If alcohol is way up there and number, number two or three, you want to steer clear of that because that does dry out the skin," Vermillon said.

She says kids starting age ten or eleven should also get into a skincare routine.

"Kids can also benefit from washing their face twice a day, and using a moisturizer," Vermillon said. "They don't have to use near as many steps as an adult would do, but they can also benefit. So, get them started early."

If you can't get control of the problem, Vermillon suggests getting professional advice.

She says it's also important to shake the bottles of lotion before you use them. Ingredients can separate inside, and you'll need all the ingredients for the moisturizer to be effective. Don't forget to throw away any expired products.

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