How to know if your kid needs a tutor

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) With kids heading back to school, some parents may already be tracking their progress.

Michelle Adler with the Wichita State School of Education says a new school year can be scary for kids. She says with a new class, new teachers - sometimes a new school - kids aren't going to focus and learn until they're comfortable.

Adler says teachers know that, and build in a few weeks of review to refresh their brains. If your kid is still falling behind after about a month, she says parents might consider a tutor.

Six to nine weeks into the year, schools have parent-teacher conferences. That's when your kid's teacher should tell you if there are gaps in their learning. If tutoring is necessary, the teacher will suggest resources.

Adler says it can be hard for parents to hear that their kid is falling behind, but says it's important to stay positive toward your child. She recommends asking your kids directly if they understand what they're learning in school. She says kids are typically pretty honest with parents if they think they need help.

Grade school kids are more willing to go to tutoring, but older kids starting around middle school are not that willing. Adler says if your teen needs a tutor, ask them if they prefer to get help at school from someone they know or a teacher.

Sometimes tutoring doesn't mean spending money. It may just require your kid to have extra math practice at home with you. If they're struggling in reading, parents may have to read with them so they can hear and see more words.