How to participate in virtual Easter egg hunts

Published: Apr. 11, 2020 at 10:49 PM CDT
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Due to COVID-19, Easter Egg Hunts will look different than they have in the past.

Doctor Thomas Moore, an infectious disease specialist, said your kids should only hunt for eggs with family they live with.

“An Easter Egg Hunt, just like any other activity, is fine if it involves only the people in the household and is contained within the household or the yard,” said Moore.

Moore said while it’s less frequent for kids to be infected, they can carry the virus. If they’re asymptomatic, they’d spread it to other children without knowing.

“If you’re out in the front yard and other kids are coming by and you’re having a big Easter Egg Hunt in the neighborhood that’s exactly what is banned under the Sedgwick County Health Department’s mandate,” said Moore.

Here are websites where your kids can do virtual Easter Egg Hunts: