How to protect your garden from hail, flooding

Published: May. 18, 2019 at 10:37 PM CDT
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Storm Team 12 says hail is the biggest threat as storms pass through Kansas Saturday night.

Gardeners at Brady Nursery are bringing roses under cover as they prepare for severe weather but if your plants are already in the ground, you're going to need a different strategy.

"You'd have to have some sort of structure, use patio furniture, or bed sheets, or something to try put over things to cover them up. I've had people tell me they've stuck old umbrellas out there," says Brady.

Brady says hail is the biggest threat to your plants but it's not the only one. Heavy rain can be detrimental also.

"Especially May June, we have just horrendous downpours, I don't ever remember it being like that," says Michael Harman. "What we've done in our garden this year is raise our beds, due to the moisture we've had. what we're doing is raising them up about 8-12 inches."

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