How to save money when booking summer travel

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 5:40 AM CDT
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Memorial Day weekend is here, and with it is the start of the summer travel season.

Angie Courtney, who is a travel consultant, says summer is easier than trying to plan around major holidays. She says if you're flexible on the dates of your vacation, you can get a good deal and avoid the weekend rush.

Courtney says there is no perfect day to travel because it's all about supply and demand. She recommends booking a Wednesday to Wednesday rather than a Saturday to Saturday trip.

While booking a trip one or two weeks in advance could get pricey, it's not to late to book a trip that's a month out. Courtney says while you could save on airfare, pricing on other items may stay consistent.

"Flexibility is key even if you can only be flexible by one or two days. Sometimes that one or two days can make a big difference on the most important factor: airfare," Courtney said. "That's where you can see the biggest increase because of supply and demand. Whereas hotels, resorts, tours, they keep their pricing pretty consistent."

One way to save is by booking a home-share option like Airbnb. Homes with a kitchen allow you to cook meals there instead of eating out. If you do want to check out restaurants at your destination, do some research on what's around you.

"Use your phone. The apps on your phone are great. You can use things like yelp, google reviews, you can type into your maps "cheap eats" and it will provide a list of things within walking distance or a short cab ride from you," Courtney said.

If you're staying outside of a major city, you may be able to save money. Just be sure to factor in transportation costs to get to restaurants and major attractions.

that can help you get the best bang for your buck.