Huge sweet potato grown in Derby

A Derby woman got quite a surprise while digging up the sweet potatoes in her garden.

One of them was huge.

"17 and a quarter inches long and it's 20 inches around it weighs at least 11 pounds," said Andrea Parson, who grew the giant spud.

She says she wasn't growing the potato to set any records, she was just growing it to eat.

She says she was expecting a sweet potato like you'd get from a restaurant when she planted them.

"I saw the top and I thought 'this is going to be a big one' so i kept digging and removing the dirt and stuff and finally i got it out," Parson said. "I was just smiling from ear to ear and I picked it up and I took it to my husband and just said 'we just had our first baby sweet potato' because it's bigger than most babies."

The sweet potato will be put to good use, it's being donated to the First Presbyterian Church in Derby for Thanksgiving dinner.