Multi-alarm fire destroys Hutchinson church

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KWCH) A multi-alarm fire destroyed a Hutchinson church Thursday night.

The fire broke out just before midnight at the Foundation Of Life Ministries Church in the 100 block of East Sherman.

When crews arrived on scene, they encountered heavy fire conditions coming from the second floor near the backside of the structure. The fire quickly spread despite aggressive interior tactics by first arriving firefighters.

Hutchinson Fire Chief Steve Beer says two buildings suffered extensive damage. A third building owned by Electrex was threatened during the height of the incident but due to extensive efforts of firefighters only minor damage occurred.

Beer says they may not be able to get into the church to investigate until Saturday (March 16) because of the damage.

Kylie Ford, who lives near the church, says she looked out her window and immediately knew it was on fire.

"When I was upstairs in my apartment I looked out my window and saw red and blue lights and I thought 'awe man the church is on fire.' So I ran downstairs and said "James-James the church is on fire," Ford said.

The pastor of the church says no one had been in the building since Wednesday night. He says they haven’t had a problem with break-ins, so again it’s unclear what started this fire.

Foundation of Life members woke up Friday to the news that fire destroyed their church and with the building, they lost years of memories, belongings and the home where they gathered to pray.

"All the members hurts," says Foundation of Life Ministries Church member Louise Sturgeon who attends the church with her family.

She says she's not sure what will happen from here.

"Praying, praying, that's it," she says.