Hutchinson Fire Department collects supplies to support teachers across Reno County

HUTCHINSON, Kan. The Hutchinson Fire Department steps up in a big way with students soon heading back to school. when members of the department aren't contributing to the city's overall safety, they spend time off duty collecting classroom supplies.

In just a couple weeks, firefighters collected about $72,000 worth of school supplies to donate to teachers in Reno County. They say they want to help fill the gap for teachers who often spend hundreds out of their own pockets.

When the Hutchinson Fire Department asked teachers what they needed for their classrooms. Among those needs are hygiene products and food for students

"...We knew about the paper and the notebooks and such, but we didn't realize for some kids, some of these supplies are the only meal they're going to get for the day," Hutchinson Fire Captain Michael Cain says.

The firefighters collected enough to supply classrooms in 28 schools across the county, with hope that teachers and students can focus on education.