Hutchinson Zoo still closed due to flooding

HUTCHINSON, Kan. As people in Hutchinson continue to deal with flooding from last month's torrential rain. the city's zoo remains closed as conditions haven't much improved.

On a normal afternoon in mid June, the Hutchinson Zoo would be full of families walking around, looking at animals. But the past two weeks have been quiet with the property closed. The zoo is free to the public, but its director says it's still taking a loss.

"We do lose donations that we get and people (paying to feed) our fish and coming to different programs that we have here," Hutchinson Zoo Director Ryan VanZant.

VanZant says it could be two more weeks before the zoo reopens.

"Once the water goes down, we'll have cleanup to do and we certainly want to make sure the areas that the animals live in are safe and secure and the water didn't cause any long-term damage," he says.