Hutchinson boy finds opportunity to give back with success on go-kart track

HUTCHINSON, Kan. Go-kart racing runs in Jacob Bofink's family. His dad got him started with it last year when Bofink was 11. A year later, the 12-year-old is taking home first-place trophies. With the success comes an opportunity to give back.

Bofink showed the heart of a real winner with a race over Labor Day Weekend. The race was held in honor of a fellow racer who recently died.

Bofink won the race and with it a $60 prize. He decided to give that money to the late racer's family. In doing so, he expressed condolences for the competitor Bofink and his family knew.

"It just felt reasonable to give them the money in a considerate way, to be nice," Bofink says.

His father says if you say h'e proud of Jacob, that's an understatement.

"It was just one of the best things the little guy could do. He's got a good heart," Bofink's father says.