Hutchinson company gives employees bonus after tax bill

Published: Jan. 10, 2018 at 6:16 PM CST
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The tax bill signed by President Donald Trump last month was met with mixed reviews by some wondering who it would truly benefit, but the Lawrence Paper Company who employs three-hundred workers throughout its Freemont, Nebraska, Lawrence and Hutchinson locations is confident the tax bill will contribute to their future success as a business.

"Assuming you've got the same amount coming in then obviously you're going to make more as a company that we can then again do three things, reinvest it into the business, into your people or pass it along to your shareholders," says Tony Schleich, president of the Hutchinson company division.

Re-investing into its employees is the first step company owners took. This week, they surprised their 300 workers with the news each would receive a $500 bonus.

Employees like Josh Marshall were surprised at the news.

"This money is going to help me recover from the holidays and everything like that," Marshall said.

Other employees like Michael Pugh say the money will be reinvested back into their community.

"Probably going to go straight back into our local bills for our city bills," says Pugh.

Schleich says the tax bill will also allow the company to invest 5 million dollars in new equipment and to eventually expand all three locations.

"As opposed to just hoarding the cash we decided it would be the right thing to do to the folks that help us attract and retain the customers that pay the bills," Schleich said.

Schleich says he hopes other local companies will look to do the same.

"Take a good look at what you got and see where this goes," Schleich said.