Hutchinson daycare children react to magnitude-4.2 earthquake

HUTCHINSON, Kan. Friday morning's earthquake in Hutchinson registered with a magnitude of 4.2, not strong enough to cause widespread injuries or extensive damage, but plenty strong enough to be the talk of the town, for adults and children of all ages.

The Hutchinson business community had some cleaning up to do and there are reports of damage to homes in the community.

Friday afternoon, Eyewitness News got a unique perspective on the event, visiting with some of the community's youngest residents about what they experienced.

Children at Hadley Daycare say the earthquake was strong enough to knock over the building's "big American flag."

"I was like frightened. I was like, 'is the whole school gonna fall down or something,'" Raleigh Owen wondered. "Whenever the shakes happened, I saw a little crack go along the floor. I was just scared at that moment and then I started laughing."

The children at the day care agree, they never want to experience another earthquake. But with reassurance that everything was okay, they were back to playing Friday afternoon, as if nothing happened.