Firefighters in Reno County prepared for wildfire season

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KWCH) Monday, March 5 marks exactly one year since the Highlands wildfire burned more than 6,000 acres and destroyed close to a dozen homes north of Hutchinson.

This year, Hutchinson firefighters are preparing to stop those fires from ever happening. They're applying some of those lessons to make sure they're prepared for what could be a bad year for fires.

Firefighters have all gone through additional wildland training to deal with situations like this - and now every station in the city is equipped with a brush truck for grass fires.

On high fire danger days, they send more units to any report of a grass fire to make sure they can stop those smaller fires from getting out of control.

Besides those changes, there are also ways for the public to help.

"Check the weather forecast, if it's a red flag day do not be conducting any open burns - any outside rubbish fires, anything like that. but if they see something, call it in right away."

He says the sooner those fires get called in, the sooner they can get out and fight them and keep them from becoming something catastrophic.