Heavy flooding prompts road closures, water rescues in Reno County

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KWCH) At or near record flooding in Reno County keeps emergency crews busy with road closures, water rescues and a few home evacuations.

Reno County Emergency Management says first responders have conducted several water rescues since flooding began late last week. This includes three water rescues and three home evacuations to rescue eight people.

The Hutchinson Fire Department Thursday morning said crews have executed seven water rescues since the flooding started.

"We applaud their bravery and dedication to our citizens," Reno County Emergency Management says.


Thursday afternoon, crews worked to fix a a minor problem near the dike in South Hutchinson. They say reinforcement with sandbags should be enough to keep the flooding situation contained.

Crews say flood waters rose overnight Wednesday, and residents should not drive around barricades to get by.

Doing so comes with a fine. The Reno County Sheriff's Office says per state statute, that fine is $75, plus a $108 court cost. The sheriff's office says deputies have issued several citations for driving around barricades.

The sheriff's office says barricades shouldn't be the only deterrent from driving through high water.

"No barricades plus water over the road equals turn around, don't drown," the sheriff's office says.

Emergency management says if you come across a road without barricades and water running over it, you should report it by calling 620-694-2995.

As of Thursday afternoon, Reno County Emergency Management says Cow Creek is at 12.91 feet and is forecast to crest at 13.2 feet.

"It is expected to rise and be at or above the moderate flood stage through early next week," emergency management says.

Reno County officials say the last flood they had like this was in 2007. They say the recent flooding has exceeded the 2007 levels.

The Arkansas River in Hutchinson is at 9.44 feet and is expected to crest Monday.

"It will remain at the minor flood stage through early next week," emergency management says.

The Arkansas River in Haven is at 10.85 feet and is expected to crest Sunday. Emergency management says in Haven, the river is expected to crest Sunday and will remain at the moderate flood stage through early next week.

Elsewhere in Reno County, emergency management says the Ninnescah River at Cheney Reservoir remains at flood stage, the Little Arkansas River in Buhler will remain at flood stage through Saturday.

Roads closed as of Friday

• 108th Nickerson to Centennial
• 95th Dean to Sallee
• 95th Herren to Dean
• 85th Old K61 to Mayfield...
• 82nd Dean to Pennington
• 82nd Kent to Mayfield
• 69th Yaggy to Hendricks
• 69th K96 to Nickerson
• 56th Nickerson to Riverton
• 56th Yaggy to Eisenhower
• 50th Wilson to Pennington
• 43rd Hendricks to Pennington
• 43rd Yaggy to Wilson
• 43rd Nickerson to Herren
• 17th Riverton to Whiteside
• Bone Springs Pleasant Valley to Fountain Green
• Brownlee Red Rock to Lake Cable
• Brownlee US50 to Lake Cable
• Buhler Rd 1/2 mile S of Buhler
• Castleton Hodge to Sego
• Centennial from Clark to Illinois
• Centennial from Fountain Green to Pleasant Valley
• Clark Partridge to Riverton
• Dean 82nd to 95th
• Dean from 4th to 17th
• Dean Morgan to Illinois
• Eales Obee to Mayfield
• Fairview Castleton to Fountain Green
• Greenfield Raymond to Brownlee
• Greenfield Netherland to Olcott
• Herren 17th to 43rd
• Irish Creek Fairview to Salem
• Jordan Springs Greenfield to Lake Cable
• Netherland Longview to Greenfield
• Olcott Longview to Red Rock
• Obee G to US 50
• Pennington 82nd to Nickerson Blvd
• Raymond Greenfield to Lake Cable
• Red Rock from Olcott to Netherland
• Riverton 56th to 43rd
• Riverton 82nd to 108th
• Sallee 82nd to 108th
• Sego Irish Creek to Parallel
• Whiteside from 4th to 17th
• Wilson Willowbrook to 82nd
• Yaggy Rd 82nd to 69th