Hutchinson mom raises concerns about daughter's school lunch

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Kansas mother is raising concern about schools being able to provide an adequate lunch to students.

Rachel Green posted a photo of her daughter's school lunch at Hutchinson High School to Facebook on Wednesday.

She said her daughter had the last lunch rotation of the day and all that was left was a "nasty, discolored hot dog, a round bun (because they had run out of hot dogs buns) and beans."

Students at Hutchinson High School do choose their own lunch from a variety of foods. Each day, the school offers four entrees and five side dishes. A student selects what items they want to put on their tray.

School staff tells us at no time has the school run out of food. If one entrée is out, students still have other food options and again, make the choice what to put on their tray.

The Hutchinson School District said the principal made contact with Green about the lunch and refunded her daughter's account.

"Since we don’t have a formal “sign up” for lunches at the high school, it can be tricky on any given day to estimate what will be popular," said Ray Hemman, a spokesman for the district. "Students, as well, are able to serve themselves and earlier students may take larger portions of popular foods that impact later students in line."

Green later posted on Facebook “My initial reaction was shock and anger and I probably didn’t handle this in the best way.”