Lucas Hernandez' dad reveals one of Emily Glass' suicide notes on Nancy Grace

Published: Jun. 4, 2018 at 3:49 PM CDT
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Update: June 22 11 a.m.

Jonathan Hernandez, the father of Lucas Hernandez, spoke with Nancy Grace about what happened the night he found his live-in girlfriend dead from suicide.

Police said Hernandez called 911 on June 8 and reported that Emily Glass had shot and killed herself in the home where she had reported Lucas missing. A coroner has yet to confirm the suicide.

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Hernandez spoke with Nancy Grace about the gun that was used and where it came from.

"She got my gun case out of my closet and took it into that back room with her and opened the gun case there and the gun was laying next to her," Hernandez said. "And she had, it looked like she had smoked three or four cigarettes that were on the floor by her feet so maybe she had thought about it for a while before she did it."

Hernandez said it was an AR-15.

He also discussed what was in one of the three suicide notes found at the scene.

"They didn't tell me where they were. As far as two of them, they haven't told me what's in them except for the third one," Hernandez said. "They did tell me it was rolled up and stuck inside of her engagement ring and it said to give our daughter the ring when she gets older."

Hernandez said he allowed Glass to live at the home saying her parents were upset with her after she led Private Investigator David Marshburn to Lucas' body. He said he wasn't living there so it was okay to let her stay.

"Until the autopsy is going to come back and whatever it said, I mean it's still up in the air as far as if she did or if she didn't do anything other than hide his body," Hernandez said. "So I wasn't... I wasn't just going to kick her out on the street. I wasn't staying there so she was welcome to stay there as long as she needed."

Nancy Grace asked Hernandez about Glass' story she told Marshburn about Lucas. The story was that Glass found Lucas dead in his bed on his back. Grace asked Hernandez if he believed it.

"I don't. I mean little kids don't just die unless there's something seriously wrong with him," he said.

When asked why Hernandez went to the home where Glass was staying the night she died by suicide, Hernandez said he was out late with friends and figured he'd just stay at that home that evening.

Hernandez also said he never saw Glass abuse Lucas though in hindsight, bruises Lucas got when Hernandez was gone could have been from her.

He said he still wants to know what happened to his son.


For the first time since Lucas Hernandez was found, we're hearing from his father, Jonathan.

An interview with Jonathan Hernandez aired on the

podcast on Monday.

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In it, host Nancy Grace revealed autopsy results show Lucas may have been dead for nearly a week before he was reported missing. Jonathan's live-in girlfriend, Emily Glass, reported Lucas missing on Feb. 17.

At the time, Jonathan was working out of town in New Mexico.

Jonathan said initially, he did not doubt Glass' story that Lucas disappeared.

Private investigator David Marshburn recorded the conversation he had with Glass as she led him to Lucas's body. Those recordings aired last week on the Nancy Grace podcast. Glass can be clearly heard saying she did Lucas wrong.

Glass was jailed after the little boy's body was found. She was released days later, but the investigation is still open.

Jonathan said, while she was in jail, Glass called him a couple times to apologize for what happened. He said she told him she panicked.

"She said that she had panicked. I'm not sure if it is because she was smoking meth, which I had no knowledge of. I asked her why she didn't call 911? Why, if that's what happened and it was an accident and she was asleep and he died, why not call 911?" Jonathan told Grace.

The Nancy Grace show said their source showed Lucas died on Feb. 10th or 11th.

Eyewitness News has reached out to the Wichita Police Department and the Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office to inquire about any autopsy results. Each issued the following statements:

Wichita Police Department "The investigation into the death of Lucas Hernandez is ongoing. The WPD is committed to investigating this case to the fullest and bringing anyone responsible to justice. We have nothing further at this time." Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office "The DA’s office has not received any autopsy results. We can’t speak to any allegations made on the Grace program.


Eyewitness News legal expert Charley O'Hara weighed in on the new information Jonathan revealed during his interview.

"It appears the stories just don't seem to be consistent, they keep changing from both Mr. Hernandez and Ms. Glass, and it's just - I'm very curious as to what's going on." O'Hara says.

It's a case with many unanswered questions, and the interview with Jonathan Hernandez on "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace" just adds to them.

"That's as far as I know, I only know that much from what David told me - that she found him in the bed one morning, or evening - not specific, then she panicked." said Jonathan during the interview. "Never said why she panicked, and went and hid him."

"We used to have an accessory after the fact crime, where for instance if someone had helped hide a body after the person is deceased, that would be a crime." says O'Hara.

Now, he says hiding Lucas' body would fall under obstruction.

"I mean, this case appears to have obstruction of justice all over it."

"She said that she had panicked - I'm not sure if it's because she was smoking meth, which I had no knowledge of." Jonathan said in another portion of the interview.

"If she didn't in any way cause the death, or have anything to do with the death - again, it's obstruction." says O'Hara. "You're not supposed to use drugs, but it'd be just obstruction."

During the podcast, Jonathan mentions Lucas being sick before his disappearance - something O'Hara says should be easy to find out.

"I assume they took him to a doctor here in this region, and they should be able to find those medical records and find out what they did, and what the report shows - at least the medical reports show - what condition he was in when he came in."

As for whether or not what was said is actually true, O'Hara says if we're patient, we'll find out.

"These people are evidently talking to news organizations, getting recorded by private eyes, and making statements contrary to what they said before, so we're probably going to learn more facts going along if we're just patient, but we need to be patient."