Update: Winter weather is having a significant impact on Sunday's AFC championship game. Icy conditions led Kansas City International to close twice Friday morning. Then, the airport announced all flights from Nashville were canceled for the day. The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Tennessee Titans Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, but the winter storm crossing the central plains will definitely have an effect on Titans fans trying to get to KC. The Tennessee Titans should be good to go for game day. The team is expected to fly in on Saturday at noon. You can find all more information on the status of flights at the Kansas City airport here ----- A Delta Air Lines plane has slid off a taxiway amid icy conditions Friday at the Kansas City International Airport. KMBC reports the plane slid off a taxiway while preparing to takeoff. There are no reports of injuries. According to KMBC, crews are now working to clear the passengers from the plane, and remove the plane from the taxiway. Officials have closed the airfield and airport due to ongoing freezing rain. Crews are treating surfaces.