Icy weather leads to hundreds of slips and falls

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Wichita hospitals saw more than a hundred weather-related injuries over the last two days. Which some are from vehicle crashes, most are from people slipping and falling on the ice.

Karen Luce can attest to the danger of walking on the ice. She sprained her ankle just getting out of her van.

"Put my foot out and since I got in it just fine, I thought, 'oh no, problem' and I stood up and whoop, slipped," she recalls.

Luce says she was wearing good shoes with traction when it happened. She says she's been home for the past two days nursing her injury which has included swelling and hot pain. Now, she needs an MRI to make sure the sprain isn't more.

She said the incident will make her think twice the next time she gets out of her van on the ice.

"I didn't even think about it, getting out of my van since I got into my van just fine. And I stepped out and fell. It was really a cartoon moment," she says.

Dr. Todd Dain understands what it's like to slip, fall and get back up again. He can even laugh about it.

The Shawnee Mission South principal posted video on Twitter of a spill he took while getting out of his truck on Wednesday.

"As you can see, I unsuccessfully tested the ice melt in the parking lot and I can confirm: ❄️ IT’S SLICK OUT THERE! ❄️," he said in a tweet that's gone viral. "I seriously hope that everyone made it home safely!!"

Dr. John Babb is an orthopedic surgeon with Mid-America Orthopedics. He says he's seen multiple people in recently with fractured wrists and forearms and even shoulder injuries from falling on the ice.

"You just don't expect it. When you get out of your car or you're walking along and you think it looks nice, and then all the sudden, you're on the ground. It happens pretty fast," he says.

Babb says a lot of people try to tough it out, but if the pain gets worse, you probably need to seek medical attention.

"If the swelling's not getting any better, if the pain isn't getting better, obviously, you want to rest and ice it initially. But if you continue to have pain, you need to come in and get it x-rayed because a lot of times, you blow it off, but it needs to be fixed," he says.

Besides being very careful, Ascension Via Christi says one way to prevent a dangerous fall on the ice is to walk like a penguin. This includes extending your arms to the side to keep your balance, taking shorter, shuffle-like steps, concentrate on keeping your balance and watch where you are walking.