Independent Greg Orman joins crowded race for KS governor

Independent Greg Orman is joining the crowded race for Kansas governor.

The former senate candidate says he's a lot more than a "spoiler" for either party.

Orman is returning to the political spotlight after running in 2014 against incumbent Senator Pat Roberts. This time he seeking the job of governor of Kansas.

“What is clear to me is that voters want real alternatives, they want leaders that put their needs above those of any major political party," Orman say.

"They want to actually be able to vote on a candidate based on a positive vision for the future, not vote against a candidate based on hate and fear, and we intend to give them that choice,” said Orman on Wednesday.

So what does Greg Orman throwing his proverbial hat in the ring mean to a crowded race?

We asked Dr. Russell Arben Fox, a political science professor at Friends University.

"When you look at an Independent candidate like Greg Orman, you think spoiler. Now in an era of Donald Trump, maybe a lot of the conventional wisdom needs to be thrown out," said Dr. Fox.

Orman rejects the idea of being a spoiler, “I'm a little tired of the idea that only two parties are entitled to govern, nowhere in the Kansas Constitution does it say that, nowhere in the US does it say that.”

Dr. Fox says Orman would benefit if there are polarizing candidates.

He says there are so many candidates for two reasons including a wave of high schoolers, and "There really was a Brownback revolution within the Republican party if not the whole state, his departure puts a big question mark on that Brownback Revolution."

About two dozen people have expressed an intent to run for governor.

Party candidates have to file by June 1, Independents must file by Aug. 6.