Is the flu living on your winter clothes?

The Flu Season is still in full swing. You've likely heard advice on washing your hands, using hand sanitizer and staying home when you're sick.

But, there's a good chance you're walking around with germs on several items of clothing you wear every day.

Things like your gloves, your hat, scarves and your coat. When it's cold outside, you have to wear them, but how often do you clean them?

Especially your gloves, you touch all sorts of surfaces with them, then you touch your face, or even take them off with your teeth.

Doctors say viruses like the flu could be living on those winter clothes right now.

"Any virus can spread through inanimate objects. Gloves and scarves, like I said, the virus can live on that for up to three days," said Dr. Gretchen Irwin with Wesley Family Medicine. "People don't often think about it, but there was a great study done in 2014 that showed putting a single virus on a doorknob, within a matter of hours it would spread through an entire office building. People touch it and it just transfers from one surface to another."

Doctors recommend washing your gloves at least once every two weeks to kill off those viruses, but more often is better.

Wash your scarves once a month and your winter coats at least three times over the course of the winter.