Sen. Jerry Moran speaks at Friends commencement , alludes to Trump while encouraging students

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Saturday was graduation day for several students in Wichita.

Friends University held its spring commencement Saturday afternoon, where 500 students received their diplomas at Intrust Bank Arena.

Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran was the event's keynote speaker.

Moran told the graduates to thank their parents, faculty and everyone who helped them cross the stage. He also told them to work hard, regardless of the task.

In addition, Moran talked about a common message heard on the campaign trail this year by presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

"You know, there is this call out there to 'make America again,' but I want to tell you that this nation will not be better because we have one more millionaire," Moran said. "It will not be better that we have one more person that's achieving fame and success."

Eyewitness News asked Sen. Moran about the comment. He responded in a statement :

"“Americans are angry about the path our country has been on for the past eight years. There is no doubt Washington is broken, and a Clinton presidency would only extend the cycle of debt, dysfunction and decline. Donald Trump’s candidacy has resulted in a larger number of previously unengaged Kansans and Americans choosing to take part in the political process, which is a good thing for our country. Mr. Trump must now work to address the serious concerns many conservatives – myself included – have about some of his positions and comments, as well as unite the Republican Party around our common goal of securing a brighter future for our kids and grand-kids. If he accomplishes this, he will have my support.”