KDWPT: Have you spotted a spotted skunk?

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism

PRATT, Kan. (KWCH) The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism needs the public's help to learn more about the Eastern spotted skunk.

The animal has a black body with multiple broken white lines and a triangle on their forehead.

Eastern spotted skunks are smaller than striped skunks but don't get too close, they still have the ability to spray musk as a defense.

"In the 1930s, spotted skunks were the third most common furbearer pelt sold in Kansas," says the KDWPT. "Today, they are classified as threatened in Kansas and are rare."

If you see a spotted skunk as road kill, on trail camera photos or those inadvertently trapped, the KDWPT asks that you email your information to kdwpt.kdwptinfo@ks.gov .