KHP, other agencies conducting special enforcement on K-254 this weekend

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. The Kansas Highway Patrol is among several agencies conducting special enforcement this weekend on K-254, covering Sedgwick and Butler counties.

For many, concerns surfaced earlier this month when three people died in a crash at K-254 and Greenwich. A petition calling for improvements to K-254 generated more than 1,000 signatures in less than one week.

This weekend's enforcement, running from Friday through Sunday is in response to recent accidents on the highway.

representatives from the Kansas Department of Transportation presented crash data and heard plenty of suggestions to make the highway safer.

Highway Safety Engineer Steven Buckley says there are no major changes coming to K-254 anytime soon.

"If we thought that traffic signals would make those intersections safer, we would install them," he says.

Eastbound and westbound right-hand turn lanes will be installed next year at K-254 and Rock Road, with the possibility of lengthening existing turn lanes along the entire corridor. In the mean time, KHP Trooper Chad Crittenden says it's crucial for drivers to pay attention on K-254. This will be a focus of the weekend enforcement.

"We ask the public, until, or if anything is doesn't design wise out there, we have to not drive distracted," KHP Trooper Chad Crittenden says. "It's very easy to be complacent on that roadway because it's so flat and predominantly straight. You can really see for miles."