Steady rise in gas prices expected to continue into spring and summer

WICHITA, Kan. Comparatively, Kansas ranks favorably overall when it comes to gas prices, but the recent jump we've seen in the average price ranks toward the top.

The average price in Kansas is $2.40 per gallon of unleaded gasoline. That's up four cents from last week.

AAA reports that four-cent increase is tied for the fourth largest gas-price increase in the U.S. this week. Ohio saw the largest jump at the pump, up nine cents per gallon this week. indiana is up eight cents, followed by Georgia, up five cents.

Alaska and Michigan join Kansas with four-cent increases. Overall, Kansas' average gas price is still well below the national average of $2.53.

Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas says motorists can expect the gas-price increase to continue, at least over the next few months.

"Gas prices are usually based on demand, supply and demand. So with more people out driving as the weather gets warmer, as summer travel season and spring break travel season starts in. then we're going to see more demand. So the prices are going to rise at the pumps," he says.

Steward says about half of the states in the U.S. saw an increase at the pump this week. He says while the four-cent increase Kansas saw this week isn't a major increase, it comes out to be the fourth largest jump in the country because there's "a lot of volatility in the country right now."

Drivers looking to reduce the amount of money they're spending on gas can take a number of steps to help with cost and fuel efficiency.

These steps include making sure tires are properly inflated, making sure your vehicle is properly tuned up, making sure your vehicle's air filter is clean, combining more errands into a single trip and driving slower (not exceeding speed limits).