KS lawmakers push for tax-free holiday

Published: Jul. 26, 2018 at 10:11 PM CDT
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The first day of school is less than one month away and the expense associated with school-shopping lists has some leaving Kansas to shop for supplies in other states that offer tax-free holidays.

Parents who spoke with Eyewitness News Thursday say they spend about $100 each year on school supplies. Places like Texas and Missouri ease that burden with tax-free holidays.

Kansas lawmakers say they've tried to push for a tax-free holiday for food and school supplies. But last year, the plan was voted down.

But that could soon be changing. At least one Kansas lawmaker thinks legislators aren't finished talking about bringing a tax-free holiday to the state.

State representative Leo Delperdang says those against the idea think the holiday would bring in less funding for the state and education.

"A fair amount of taxation coming into the state. However, you look at it, a weekend or week, we're not talking huge dollar amounts and I think it would be a good gesture overall with the people," Delperdang says.

Delperdang hopes parents will be able to shop for school supplies without taxes this time next year.