KS weather cooperates for start of holiday travel

WICHITA, Kan. Millions of people hit the road Wednesday ahead of Thanksgiving. In Kansas, the weather cooperated for one of the busiest travel days of the year.

From Texas, South Dakota and Oklahoma, drivers in the Sunflower State Wednesday say the only problem they encountered was crowded roads.

"Especially between Dallas and Oklahoma City, it was really wall-to-wall cars, so it felt kind of like a NASCAR track said Rob James, on his way from Texas to Kansas City.

Further problems could mount Sunday with a winter storm expected to bring blowing snow to Kansas. Portions of the Kansas Turnpike, Interstate 135 and all of Interstate 70 could be hazardous for people traveling home at the end of the holiday weekend Sunday.

Drivers say they're trying not to think about the possibility of a messy trip home. Mary Brooks, traveling from Sioux Falls, SD to Edmond, Okla. says she's aware of the drastic weather change, but for now, isn't worrying about what could lie ahead.

"Just going to have a wonderful time with a big, blessed family," Brooks says.

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