KSPROUD: Augusta teenager delivers groceries to people in need

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) An Augusta teenager makes us Kansas Proud by delivering groceries for free to people need it.

"I am delivering groceries to the elderly, the disabled or the poor people, so they have a way to get their groceries," said 17-year-old Tyler Miller. "Sometimes they don't have a vehicle that they can get from the store to home."

He got the idea from his grandmother.

"My grandma doesn't like to drive, especially when it's dark or cold out," said Miller. "She doesn't like getting out of the house to go get groceries, so I kind of started it for her."

If you want groceries, Tyler has you pick them out online. Then he goes to the store to pick them up and delivers them to your door.

Sunday was his first pick-up delivery. He says it was exciting, but there was one little hiccup.

"The vehicle kind of broke down, so we had to make a switch of the vehicles," said Miller.

Despite the quick car change, Tyler's first delivery was a success.

"She was very appreciative. It made me feel good inside, kinda made me smile," said Miller.

If you or someone you know needs help getting their groceries you can call (316) 618-6138 or (316) 214-0140 to reach Tyler and his mom.