Kansans await President Trump's State of the Union

President Trump will deliver his very first State of the Union address tonight.

Eyewitness News spoke with political analyst Russell Arben Fox about what he expects to hear from the President's speech, and how it will impact Kansans.

Professor Fox with Friends University says he wouldn't be surprised if the President goes off script. He says you can expect him to tout the success of the tax bill.

That bill lowered business tax rates and Fox says he'll use that as a selling point for his first year in office.

Fox thinks President Trump may touch on the government shutdown and blame Democrats, even though Republicans have control of Congress.

But, Fox says the State of the Union is not typically a forum for antagonizing.

Another topic Fox says the President might discuss is immigration, a topic he believes Kansans will be paying attention.

"Of course, you have the immigrant population of Kansas, the children of immigrants, some of them legal, some of them not legal, all of whom have gotten caught up in the drama," said Fox. "You particularly see that in the cities. You hear a lot about it in Wichita, Kansas City and elsewhere."

Fox added that many businessses are reliant on the immigrant population for work. He says the other side of the coin is the Conservative population in Kansas, following Kris Kooback's gubernatorial campaign.

Fox believes those people do not want the President going soft on immigration.

We also spoke with Kansans about whether they'll be watching. Around half of the people we spoke with at random said they planned to watch the address. Most who told us they were watching said they're not actually listening for specific topics or policy issues, they just want to hear what the President has to say.