Kansans can help place exchange students after Harvey

PARK CITY, Kan. International Student Exchange usually doesn't have any problems making sure students in Kansas have host homes before school starts. This year is different.

"And so the kids that have not been placed yet...that are still at home...were assigned to the Texas and Louisiana area where the hurricane hit and where the devastation is taking place," said International Student Exchange advisor Connie Chaple.

Typically, the organization places 50-100 exchange students throughout the state. This year, Chaple and her team are trying to also place the five last-minute additions from Serbia, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, and Thailand who weren't able to attend school in Louisiana or Texas because of Hurricane Harvey.

To apply to host an exchange student with International Student Exchange, email Connie Chaple at ccchaple@yahoo.com or call 316-249-4354.