Kansans check in on loved ones impacted by Hurricane Michael

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WICHITA, Kan. Pat Lehman, of Wichita spent time Wednesday touching base with her sister who lives in an area that took the brunt of Hurricane Michael's force.

Lehman's sister, D.K. Landers spent Tuesday night with more than 500 other people at an evacuation center. Included in that crowd were patients from a local hospital.

Landers, of Miramar Beach, Florida, says the precaution for Hurricane Michael is the first time she's had to evacuate in the 15 years she's lived there.

"I'm not sure what she is going home to, I'm really not, because she is across the road from the beach," Lehman says. "I mean, she literally is in this little beach town."

Lehman says she knows the power of storms like Michael, in part from volunteering after Hurricane Rita in 2005.

"That's where I really saw the devastation a hurricane brings," she says. I mean, we are used to tornadoes, but they are very fast and they're generally not more than a mile wide. That devastation just goes on forever."