Kansans discuss impression left by President George H.W. Bush

The United States' 41st president, George H. W. Bush left an impression on people he met across the country and the world. Monday, Eyewitness News spoke with Kansans who met the president and got to know him personally.

President George H.W. Bush, The 41st President of the United States / Photo: George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation / (MGN)

The patriarch of the Bush family last visited Wichita in 2005. During that visit, he spoke at a chamber of commerce event at Century II. former Wichita City Councilwoman Sue Schlapp spoke with him at that meeting.

But Schlapp first met Bush decades earlier, before he was even a Congressman.

"George decided to run for Congress in Houston. I was living in Houston at the time, so I got to meet him several times on the campaign trail," Schlapp says.

Schlapp's family has long been involved in politics. Her son worked with the nation's 43rd president, George W. Bush, the son of George Herbert Walker (H.W.) Bush.

Schlapp says the elder Bush was "humble," "real," "caring," "thoughtful," and "a wonderful genuine human being."

In April, George H.W. Bush's wife, Barbara died at the age of 92. The couple was married for 73 years. Many, including Schlapp have shared words of comfort that the former president is now reunited with his wife.