Kansas Highway Patrol inspects First Student buses for Wichita Public Schools

Published: Jun. 14, 2018 at 5:37 AM CDT
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The Kansas Highway Patrol will inspect more than 500 school buses Thursday to make sure they are in proper working order for a new school year.

Troopers will be looking for broken equipment and mechanical systems on the school bus including the brake, steering and fuel systems. They will inspect each light, each signal, emergency exits, mirrors, and seat-belts to make sure the buses are safe for your child during the upcoming school year.

This is an inspection these buses undergo once a year. The first half of the fleet is being inspected Thursday while the second half will get looked over in August.

First Student transports several thousand students to and from school everyday. These inspections make sure that your student gets there safely.

A spokesperson for the First Student bus lot says it's uncommon that any of the buses don't pass their yearly inspection.

Last year, they had a %100 percent pass rate.

The first day of school for Wichita students is Aug. 15, with a half-day orientation for sixth- and ninth-graders on Aug.14.